This 21st October, join the Global Encryption Day

This 21st October, we stand for the widespread use of encryption for a safer, more reliable and stronger Internet. See the activities proposed for this day, here.

Global Encryption Day is a global digital event that will take place on October 21, 2021 and is promoted by the Global Encryption Coalition (GEC). During that day, and also the week from 18th to 22nd October, encryption will be put in the spotlight around the world to defend a more secure, reliable and strong Internet for all users and the services offered within it.

World Encryption Day is an opportunity for companies, civil society organizations, technologists and millions of Internet users around the world to reflect within their communities why encryption is of the utmost importance to everyone, and why everyone must commit to making the switch to services and platforms that use Cryptography.

This is why during the days leading up to World Encryption Day, and on the day itself, different events and activities will take place around the world, to promote strong encryption.

Take a look at the list of upcoming events that the AC-LAC’s member organizations, and AC-LAC itself, are planning, in the Activities calendar, HERE .

If your organization (or even yourself) is interested in advocating for a solid and secure internet but you are not sure how to do it, visit the Global Encryption Alliance website and check out the Advocacy toolkit in which it explains step by step how to carry out an awareness campaign. 



We talked about the role of encryption in protecting the reproductive rights of people with a uterus in the Workshop held by AC-LAC

The Alliance for Encryption in Latin America and the Caribbean, ACLAC, together with Cultivando Género; Electronic Frontier Foundation, EFF; Instituto de Pesquisa em Direito e Tecnologia do Recife, IP.rec and the movement Mujeres Vivas y Libres, held a Workshop, led by experts from the region and assisted by a multistakeholder audience, where it was addressed encryption as a promoter and protector of reproductive rights and privacy and personal data protection.


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