eLAC and AC-LAC hold workshop “Introducing a pro-encryption agenda in Latin America”

AC-LAC together with e-LAC are holding a session in which regional and international experts and representatives discuss the importance of encryption and the need to implement a public agenda in favor of this online security tool in Latin America.

Next Tuesday 14th June 2022, the Digital Agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean eLAC (ECLAC), together with the Alliance for Encryption in Latin America and the Caribbean, AC-LAC, are hosting an open and free Workshop, with the purpose to present AC-LAC’s work and point out the importance of developing a pro-encryption agenda, before the eLAC community and all those who wish to attend.

Introducing a pro-encryption agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean

The event (registration is already available HERE) will be moderated by Sebastián Rovira (ECLAC) and will start with a brief intervention by Flávio Rech Wagner (President of ISOC Brazil). The workshop’s dynamics is divided into three stages. The first one is a Keynote talk by David Frautschy (Senior Director, European Government and Regulatory Affairs, ISOC) and Robin Wilton (Director, Internet Trust, ISOC). Secondly, a panel formed by four experts representing the multistakeholderism of the digital ecosystem will make comments on the Keynote and make contributions from their experience. They are Sofía Celi (Criptolatino); Pablo Bello (Whatsapp); Veridiana Alimonti (EFF) and Juan Pablo García (AGESIC Uy). In the third stage, the space for questions and public debate will be opened.

All the information about the workshop and the panelists, is available HERE.

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We talked about the role of encryption in protecting the reproductive rights of people with a uterus in the Workshop held by AC-LAC

The Alliance for Encryption in Latin America and the Caribbean, ACLAC, together with Cultivando Género; Electronic Frontier Foundation, EFF; Instituto de Pesquisa em Direito e Tecnologia do Recife, IP.rec and the movement Mujeres Vivas y Libres, held a Workshop, led by experts from the region and assisted by a multistakeholder audience, where it was addressed encryption as a promoter and protector of reproductive rights and privacy and personal data protection.


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