eLAC and AC-LAC hold workshop “Introducing a pro-encryption agenda in Latin America”

AC-LAC together with e-LAC are holding a session in which regional and international experts and representatives discuss the importance of encryption and the need to implement a public agenda in favor of this online security tool in Latin America.

The Alliance for Encryption in Latin America and the Caribbean is born

Virtual launch event on the 21st October will feature the participation of member organizations and will be open to the public

AC-LAC joins Global Encryption Day

On the 21st October, the Alliance for Cryptography in Latin America and the Caribbean, AC-LAC joins the World Encryption Day, an initiative of the Global Encryption Coalition and speaks out for the widespread use of encryption for a more secure, reliable and strong Internet. Find out about the activities and materials that the AC-LAC is preparing for this day.

This 21st October, join the Global Encryption Day

This 21st October, we stand for the widespread use of encryption for a safer, more reliable and stronger Internet. See the activities proposed for this day, here.