About Us

About Us

Alliance for Encryption in Latin America and the Caribbean – AC LAC

Encryption is essential for the security of financial transactions and for the reliable and routine use of banking, bill payment, journalists’ digital communications, online service orders and commerce. in general. In fact, it has become a fundamental tool for security and guarantee of the rights of two thousand million users all over the world, even for those who are not aware of its existence.


Some governments and organizations, on different grounds, are pushing to weaken cryptography, creating a dangerous precedent that would jeopardize the security of billions of people around the world. Actions in a country where encryption is compromised pose a threat to everyone. The idea that societies need to trade rights for security is misleading and false. While it is clear that digital security is an important value, security improvements must be achieved while increasing the right to privacy on the Internet.

Our Mission

Thus, 25 organizations established in various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, representing the multistakeholder digital ecosystem, come together to form the Alliance for Encryption in Latin America and the Caribbean, AC-LAC with the mission 

  • Establish a platform for collective capacity building and knowledge in Latin America and the Caribbean on cryptography as an indispensable tool for security and respect for human and fundamental rights in the region, such as freedom of expression and privacy.
  • Move forward with a proactive agenda to promote and defend cryptography in Latin America and the Caribbean that strengthens and manages an ecosystem of trust, security and stability [of ICTs], such as the critical infrastructure of the Internet, its applications and services.
  • Coordinate efforts with different global, regional and national initiatives, generating spaces for exchange and mobilization in the face of the impact of the weakening of encryption on rights and security.
Our Work

The alliance’s work is organized in four main axes: informing, engaging, capacity building and knowledge, and mobilizing. This translates to:

  • Informing: through the creation of a dynamic center to share information and knowledge available on encryption at a world level and particularly in the region where each relevant actor can share concerns and generate content and debate on the topic.
  • Engaging: developing a platform that brings together different actors for the active exchange of best practices among stakeholders on issues related to cryptography.
  • Capacity building and knowledge: researching, commissioning reports and organizing workshops and open debates with various actors in the region (technical experts, human rights activists, journalists and also government officials).
  • Mobilizing: developing positions with members of the alliance to channel research and knowledge through this space and, if necessary, providing information and advocating for regulatory and legislative processes related to the promotion of encryption policies.


Member organizations